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Fifty Rock Consulting works closely and confidentially with donors and philanthropists and provides an unmatched level of independence, objectivity, trust, and loyalty to our clients.  For a partial list of private client services, please scroll below.  For a complimentary consultation, please call or email us.

Lani not only brings tremendous knowledge and skill, but an undeniable amount of energy and passion. Every time we have consulted with him or attended one of his presentations, we are always impressed. He truly cares for his clients and goes the extra mile.
— Eddie Flores, President & CEO, and Elisia Flores, Vice President & CFO, L&L Drive-Inn/L&L Hawaiian Barbeque



Fifty Rock Consulting has shared its philanthropic expertise and passion with thousands of local families over the years.  And what makes us so effective and popular in Hawaii?  Simply put, Fifty Rock Consulting crafts ingenious ideas that are easy to understand and execute.  After all, it should go without saying that giving back to our community should be simple, joyous, and stress-free.  So, if you do not understand your current plan or where you should start, then consider working with us.

Charitable income Tax strategies - capital gains avoidance

Well-known all across the islands and mainland as the "advisor's advisor," Fifty Rock Consulting has over 15 years of partnering with donors' professional advisors to achieve maximum income tax savings and capital gains avoidance.  In particular, we have extensive experience collaborating with donors' estate attorney, accountant, financial planner, insurance agent, trust officer, and wealth advisor.  The ultimate goal is simple: to make our clients happy by integrating charitable, financial, estate, and income tax planning for maximum charitable impact and wealth preservation.



independent - objective - unbiased counsel

Fifty Rock Consulting values integrity as its utmost asset.  With a stellar reputation for honesty, transparency, and excellence, our clients receive insightful solutions that are free from any undesired influences.  This philanthropic independence allows us great flexibility to speak to our clients candidly, directly, and effectively.

With a desire to make a difference and a passion to serve, Fifty Rock Consulting wishes the very best for you and your family as you embark on this wonderful, generous journey.