client engagement options

Three simple, flexible, and budget-conscious plans to ensure clients see results and maximize ROI.

For specific pricing and a customized proposal, please call or email us.


consulting hourly rate

This option is preferred by donors and advisors who need limited but time-sensitive, on-demand philanthropic counsel and expertise.

Fifty Rock Consulting is committed to responding promptly to urgent situations, such as a pending asset sale, an end of tax year opportunity, or an inspired decision to make a transformational charitable investment.


fixed price retainers

This budget-friendly, stress-free option is preferred by small and large nonprofits, as well as donors and advisors who more consistently incorporate and use charitable planning.

Fifty Rock Consulting offers 6 month and 12 month fixed price retainers.  These contracts ensure clients of budget certainty but with maximum philanthropic support.


custom AUDITS, BUILDS, projects & programs

This option is preferred by those who have long-term vision, big dreams, and ambitious goals; those who need an in-depth audit, overhaul, disruption, adjustment, or affirmation of their strategies, practices, and fundraising plan.

Fifty Rock Consulting partners with these clients to "move the needle" in a strategic, profound, and measurable way.  All fees are tailored to the client's specific objectives, situation, and timeline.